The Real Sue and May

Introducing the real Sue and May......

Sue is a frog with clothes and wings. May is a sheep with odd socks, both were given their names by my beautiful daughter Ariya.

Sue and May have been Ariya's comfort toys since she was a year old, she is now almost three years old and remains desperately attached to this odd duo.

When trying to think up a name and logo for my work I was completely lost and couldn't settle on a name I liked.

I asked Ariya what name she liked and she suggested Sue and May. When I asked her why I should use that name she said ‘I love Sue and I love May’. I know she wasn't fully aware what she was suggesting a name for but I decided to go with it because it reminds me of her and helps inspire me to carry on with my work.

Meet the Team...


Hello my name is Anna and I am the owner of Sue and May Creations. I founded the business in March 2016 as a way of selling fabric signs and bunting. I began to make fabric flowers to decorate the bunting with and from there my love of creating handmade flowers started. Within 6 months I decided to focus solely on creating fabric flowers and foliage for every occasion!


My sidekick is my beautiful daughter Ariya. She is a fiesty 4 year old and the proud owner of the real Sue and May. Ariya likes to compliment me on the flowers I make especially if they are red as that is her favourite colour. She also very sweetly tells me they smell beautiful.

Thomas (The Cat)
Feline Saboteur

Thomas the Cat is our gorgeous little rescue cat. He was found abandoned on a building site as a newborn kitten and was hand-reared before we adopted him in January 2015. He is now almost 2 years old and his favourite pastime is to sabotage every craft project I am working on therefore is now banned from my work room.

Mascot and Helper

Sue is a little fairy frog with wings and a little blue and green outfit. Before my daughter took a shine to her she originally belonged to me. Ariya started being inseperable from Sue since just after her first birthday. She referred to the unnamed frog fairy with the sound 'Goo' which started to sound like the name 'Sue'. She was Ariyas only comfort toy untill May joined the duo.

(Sheep with odd socks)
Mascot and Helper

May is a little sheep with odd socks that was given to Ariya Christmas 2014 which was shortly after her 2nd birthday. Ariya gave May her name as soon as she unwrapped her and she was instantly partnered up with Sue and the pair have been Ariya comfort toy duo ever since. They sleep with her every night and occasionally Ariya brushes their teeth.

My creative space...

In the beginning....


When I first started selling handmade flowers my workspace was practically non existent. Most of my art materials were in large draws (out of reach for my daughter). I had gathered a lot of fabric materials over the years but my sewing machine didn't work properly and it had been just sat at the back of my wardrobe covered in dust and I was too sentimentality attached to it to throw it away.

Luckily I managed to persevere with fixing it and replacing the damaged parts. As we didn't have room for a sewing machine table in our little house I would use the small dining table as a workstation during my daughter's nap and bed times. 
Wherever I was working looked like a small craft explosion had erupted. What started out as 4 plastic boxes turned into a stack of 20. We had more space once we moved houses so I adopted a chest of draws and naturally used the extra space as an excuse to buy more materials!

My current creative chaos....

Now my workspace is the largest it has ever been. I have a room dedicated to containing all the materials I could ever need which is good because I always have several diffrent flower arrangements that I am working on at any one time.

Below is a picture of my small but extendable desk/table, I do all my work there from drawing out new plans to final stitches. 
Aboves a picture of my creative space with the cupboards open snowing where I store all my fabrics, floral tape and wire and the tools I use to create my flowers with. I alsio store all my photography equipment including the lights, backdrops and tripod here for when I am capturing pictures of my work to add to my shop.