Treasured Memory Flowers

Treasured Memory Flowers are when I create flowers from clothing and Keepsake materials that a person has grown to big for. For example clothing that a child has grown out of but are too sentimentally valuable to part with.

Absolutely any fabric can be used!

Examples of Keepsake items that can be used are, baby grows, first dresses, christening gowns, school uniforms, prom dresses, wedding dresses etc.

Literally any item or items can be used, if the item is too small to create the amount of flowers requested them separate material can be used to add in to the underneath of the petals so that the Keepsake material is the material that is visible. Leaves can either be made from green keepsake material or added in from separate material.

To the right is an example of a small dress that I made into a pepper pot posy arrangement.

Both 'Treasured Memory Flower' arrangements above were created from one small toddlers dress.

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