In Memory Flowers

In memory flowers is the term I use to describe flowers that I have created for rememberence of a person.
They are made from clothing or keepsake material belonging to a person who has passed away.

Absolutely any fabric can be used!

Dealing with death is never easy, it is an ongoing battle of greif and also guilt. Guilt that you are carrying on your life once they are gone and that is completely normal yet painful feeling. Unfortunantly there is nothing and nobody in this world that can cure grief. 
A lot of people say that one of the most difficult factors of dealing with the death of a loved one is deciding what to do with the possessions belonging to the deceased.

When I begun creating flowers out of fabric I was approached by individuals who were greiving and wondered if I could use keepsake materials to create flowers in memory of the people they had lost.

At first I felt slightly unconfortable doing this, I was extremely nervouse about cutting in to a fabric that held a great deal of sentimental value to someone. Once I saw the reaction of the customers upon recieveing the finished flowers I realised that it was actually bringing a great deal of confort to them in such a difficalt time. They were proud that they could display these keepsake materials in a way that looked beautiful and also alowed the precious garments to be enjoyed instead of shut away in a drawer or a box. I would like to carry on creating in memory flowers and hopefully it will bring confort to many more greiving individuals.

To the left are examples of roses that I created from two diffrent shirts I was sent, Four of the roses were made from the red checkered shirt and three from the lighter checkered shirt. Above on the left is an example of an extra rose I created for the same family from a mixture of both shirts.
Above is an example of roses created from a single short sleeve checkered shirt I was sent. The family asked for five roses which were all created from the same shirt pictued.

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Treasured Memory Flowers

Treasured Memory Flowers are when I create flowers from clothing and Keepsake materials that a person has grown to big for. For example clothing that a child has grown out of but are too sentimentally valuable to part with.

Absolutely any fabric can be used!

Examples of Keepsake items that can be used are, baby grows, first dresses, christening gowns, school uniforms, prom dresses, wedding dresses etc.

Literally any item or items can be used, if the item is too small to create the amount of flowers requested them separate material can be used to add in to the underneath of the petals so that the Keepsake material is the material that is visible. Leaves can either be made from green keepsake material or added in from separate material.

To the right is an example of a small dress that I made into a pepper pot posy arrangement.

Both 'Treasured Memory Flower' arrangements above were created from one small toddlers dress.

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