Every wedding is unique just like every couple...

Every individual is unique and every couple is too. Sometimes couples are mutual fans of certain themes such as films, books and even certain animals. Why not use the themes you love on your wedding day?

That mutual love for a specific theme can now be incorporated into your special day in the form of the wedding flowers. It doesn't matter what the theme is, if its special to your relationship them you have the option to celebrate it while you celebrate your ceremony of marriage.

There is no limit when it comes to your wedding. Weddings are a celebration of love so celebrate using themes you love.

Celebrate what you love......

Themed Wedding Flowers

Brides Bouquets

The bridal bouquet is almost an extention of the wedding dress. A bride knows how important it is to find the right dress, the same can be said for the bouquet. It is what the bride holds to walk down the aisle on one of the biggest days of her life and should reflect her personality and be completely unique. 

Bridesmaids Bouquet

Bridesmaides Bouquets dont need to be the same, infact they can be as creative and individual as the bridesmaids personalities. 


Buttonholes are a great way to carry on a theme while still allowing the groomsmen to wear formal suits. The size can also be adjusted so that any children wearing them can have smaller versions so the proportion of flower to suit is consistent throughout.

Cake Toppers

Exactly the same flowers used throughout the bouquets and buttonholes can also be used as cake toppers. Having non edible fabric flowers on top of the cake is a cheaper way to decorate a plain wedding cake and also at the same time tie in the theme perfectly.

Table Decorations

Table decorations just like cake toppers can be made in exactly the same way as the flowers in the bouquets and buttonholes. Having fabric flowers as table decorations can also double up as a sweet way to give the guests a small keepsake from the big day.

How it works

I have create a mood board by colour picking different colours from the themed fabric and turning it into a digital mood board. The customer can then easily see what colours match and compliment the themed fabric. Any colours can be chosen by the customer, the mood board acts as an example.

Next it is time to discuss which types of flowers and leaves the customer would like included in their wedding flowers. My portfolio consists of lots of different flowers and leaves and I encourage customers to message me screen shots of the flowers and leaves they would like within their wedding flowers.

Once we have decided on which flowers will be made with which fabric I start turning the fabrics in to flowers. I send work in progress pictures to the cutomer so they can see how the flowers are coming along.

Once all of the flowers and leaves are created I start playing around with the positioning and constructing buttonholes and bouquets. This is a trial and error stage and I send regular pictures to the cutomer to see what they like and what they would like changed.

The best part about the positioning stage is that the customer can get an idea of what the finished flowers will look like and provide input so we can work together and get the flowers just right.

This picture shows an adult buttonhole and a smaller one made on request for a little boy. 

This is a work in progress picture of the bridesmaids bouquets. At this stage colours can be easily switched around and each bridesmaids bouquets can be made as similar or as diffrent as the customer would like.

Here one of the bridesmaids bouquets featured red, yellow and orange while the other featured pink, blue and purple.

Once the customer is happy with the position and arrangement of the flowers in the bouquets I start work on the bouquet holder which can be covered in stems or painted according to the customers preference.

I put a lot of effort in to the finishing touches. Here are handmade embossed labels I created as gift labels for the groom and groomsmen.