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In Memory Flowers

Clothing from a loved one who has passed away is often kept in a drawer or put in to storage as they are sentimentally to valuable to part with. In memory flowers are a great way to preserve precious memories by turning keepsake materials in to an arrangement that can be displayed and enjoyed forever.

It isn't just clothing of a person who has passed away that can be turned into a beautiful keepsake arrangement. Virtually any clothing from any milestone can be used. From baby grows to school uniforms, christening gowns to wedding dresses. Any garment or material item can be transformed into something incredibly beautiful that would look gorgeous in any home while being a constant reminder of precious moments to be enjoyed forever

Bespoke Weddings

Every wedding is different because every relationship is unique. Wedding flowers can be special and unique too. Absolutely any themed fabrics can be used to create beautiful flowers that hold special sentimental value. A couple can have flowers that represent things they are obsessed with such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney... the list is endless. Flowers can even be created from clothing and material items that hold significant sentimental value to the couple. And....the best thing about having the flowers made from material is that the flowers last forever.

In Memory Weddings

In memory flowers can also be incorporated in to wedding flowers. Clothing from a loved one can be made into flowers and added to bouquets as a beautiful way of representing a special person who is sadly no longer around. For example a Mothers dress or a fathers shirt can be included in to a bouquet to commemorate and include them in the special day and also making a priceless keepsake that will last forever.

Nursery Decor

Fabric flowers can also be used as stylish nursery decor.